Put the Blood Where? Why There?

Exodus 29:15-20

When the priests were consecrated to serve in the Tabernacle, Moses was instructed put the blood from the ram on their person in three specific, yet peculiar places; verse 20; “upon the tip of the right ear…and upon the thumb of their right hand, and upon the great toe of their right foot…” Why those three particular locations? Is there some significance that can be found in them? I happen to think that there is and I’ll use a children’s song to back it up. The ear is the easy one; “Oh be careful little ears what you hear.” And how many times does the Scripture say; “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” What we hear with our ears needs to be consecrated to the Lord to hear His WORD. Beware; garbage in, garbage out. Then there’s “the thumb of their right hand.” “Oh be careful little hands what you do.” Ever try to grab something or do anything without using your thumb? You can’t do much without it. It illustrates that our service needs to be consecrated to the Lord to do His WORK according to His will. And then there’s “the great toe of their right foot.” What’s that all about? “Oh be careful little feet where you go.” Do you realize how much you need your great toe for balance in walking? Just ask anyone who’s ever had it amputated due to diabetes. Our daily walk also needs to be consecrated, and scriptural balance needs to be maintained, if we are going to walk with the Lord in His WAY. Seeing as we are priests to the Lord, what we hear, what we do, and where we go all need to be consecrated to the Lord. Can you say that they are in your life?

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