Nothing But Leaves – Mark 11:12-26

Viewed by itself, the cursing of this fig tree is a most curious action by the Lord, but not when viewed in context with the Temple cleansing that is sandwiched between their two visits to this fig tree.  God had given life to both this fig tree and to the nation of Israel and sadly they were both producing Nothing but Leaves, and if you and I are not careful we too can be guilty of the same; guilty of producing religious leaves but not godly fruit.

In Luke 13:6-9 Jesus taught a parable about a fig tree that, after 3 years, bore NO fruit; Nothing but Leaves, therefore the husbandmen ordered it cut down.  The 3 years is significant because it was 3 years between the first time that Jesus cleansed the Temple and this second cleansing, doing so because He found Nothing but Leaves.

What this cursing of the fig tree teaches us is that it is God’s Desire for that which He gives life to to bring forth fruit; not just leaves, but fruit!  It also teaches us God’s Determination; No fruit, No life; existence yes, but life, NO!

Israel had an abundance of leaves in its religion and its rituals, but it was failing to bring forth the fruits of repentance; faith in God and love for men, that’s God’s Design.  Sadly, many in “Christianity” today find themselves in the same situation.  They have a religion (leaves), but they are lacking a relationship with God.  Many others are not building a life made of gold, silver and precious stones (true fruit), but are content to build with wood, hay and stubble (Nothing but Leaves) (1 Cor. 3:12).

Don’t settle for standing before the Lord clothed in nothing but the leaves of religion, you’ll find them totally inadequate, like Adam and Eve did, like Nicodemus did, and like Israel did.  Strive in your life to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us” and bring forth the godly fruit of repentance and faith that’s only found in a loving, lively relationship with the Lord.  Don’t get caught with Nothing but Leaves.

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