Are You Only Along For The Ride? – Genesis 12:1-5; 13:10-11

The key phrase that I want to draw your attention to is found in verse 14; “…and Lot went with him…”  When I consider what happened to Lot when it came to decision time in chapter 13, it appears to me that Lot, like many professing Christians today, was only along for the ride.  Sadly Lot, like so many Christians today, was nothing more than a backseat passenger that was only along for the ride. Lot was at a point that I fear many Christian young people are at today.  I fear that many of our young people today are only along for the ride.  God kids, yes; living relatively clean lives, yes, but in their hearts their convictions and their beliefs are contrary.  And when given the same opportunity that Lot was, what will they choose? It’s not only our young people that I’m concerned about.  I fear that many that faithfully fill our church pews are also only along for the ride.  Yes they’re good people!  Yes they’re living clean lives compared to the world, but when it comes to standing where the Bible and their church stands on the issues, their stand is questionable.  And when push comes to shove and they are presented with the same opportunity that Lot was, what will they choose? We would all be wise to ask ourselves the question; Am I only along for the ride?  When it comes to decision time we would all like to think that we would make the right, the godly decision but would we?  Would you?  Do you really believe what you say you believe? Lot thought he believed what Abraham believed, but his belief was only based on his circumstances (where he was at the time), his convenience (what was best for him at the time), his companions (who he was with at the time), and his constraint (who was in authority over him at the time), and because of that weak foundation, when the opportunity for compromise arose it became evident that he was only along for the ride.  What about you?  Will you be able to resist compromise because your convictions are based on the Word of God alone, or are you only along for the ride?

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